18 August 2022

Completing your InternMatch logbook

Completing your InternMatch logbook

To meet your required learning outcomes for your placement or internship, and for your own valuable personal reflection on the experience you’ve gained, you are required to complete logbook for every day that you attend your work placement.

Your logbook should contain all the key information needed to verify your learning and should include a summary of your experiences, learning and tasks completed each day.

To complete your logbook, log into InternMatch on your desktop or download our easy-to-use logbook app “InternMatch”. Downloaded to your phone, the InternMatch logbook app is an accessible and simple way to enter your logbooks every day.


What to include in your logbook

Your logbook should include information for each day that you attend your internship, along with the date and the number of hours that you attended the internship. This information is essential for your logbook to be accepted for credits.

Your logbook should include details of what you did during the hours of your internship. These could include:

  • Meetings you attended and any contribution you made to the meeting
  • Completed tasks or projects
  • Discussions with teammates
  • Programs or software you used to complete your tasks
  • Research you conducted and where/what you researched

You will also be required to write about your learning outcomes for the day. These should match or be directly related to the learning outcomes in your Training Plan.

Remember, your supervisor will be asked to check your logbook and sign it off to make sure it’s accurate, so you should ensure that you have included everything you’ve done that day.

‘Completing a satisfactory logbook

  1. Aim to complete a log book entry of approximately 70-100 words per day
  2. Provide specific details across the kind of tasks you are completing or researching
  3. Include meetings you attended or sessions with supervisors and other staff members. Include high level topics discussed in the meeting
  4. Periodically check your training plan to ensure you’re learning outcomes are in line with you Internship Agreement
  5. Complete your logbook daily rather than leaving it to your last week. Yo may forget key components