03 June 2022

Develop strong professional communication skills

Develop strong professional communication skills

One skill that sets the good apart from the bad like no other is communication. It is the process of conveying messages. It could be verbal, non-verbal, written or visual and, it aims for an effective outcome.

When it it comes to communicating in the workplace there are three key areas you will be using your skills – in person, building relationships; in the work you do your presentations, reports and documents you produce; and, in how you communicate day-to-day in emails, social communication channels and text messages.


So what are our key tips to ensuring you succeed at professional communication:

Show up

Be visible. It’s a major factor in how your employer feels about your performance. Be an active and enthusiastic member of the team.

Writing skills

The work you produce is a vital part of your role. Develop sound writing skills, understand the foundations of report and document creation, and utilise tools and templates to help you.

Spell it out

Spelling and Grammar. Make sure to use correct spelling and grammar, don’t be afraid to use tools to help you (like spell-check and Grammarly), and you can also ask someone you trust to check your work.

Get on board

Understand how your supervisor and team like to communicate, and jump on board. If they all use ‘chat’ regularly for non vital communication, use chat. If they like things in writing via email, use email. If they use phone and Zoom calls for team discussions, use Zoom.

Phone calls

Practice and get comfortable using the phone. A normal part of business-as-usual is phone conversations. Practice recording yourself, slow down, speak clearly and audibly, and ensure you have the right tech equipment to support you.