03 June 2022

Developing your personal brand

Developing your personal brand

Your personal brand is your skills, personality traits, attitudes and values all packaged up. It’s how you showcase yourself on a regular basis in a professional and personal sense.

Defining and refining your personal brand, and then how you implement it can be a huge factor in the jobs you land, how employers view you in interviews and how you fit into a workplace. 

Why does personal brand matter?

A clear, consistent personal brand can assist you to:

  • Gain recognition
  • Be memorable, people will come to you
  • Grow your following 
  • Create relationships
  • Build know, like, trust factor
  • Control your reputation
  • Make career growth and next steps easier
How to implement your personal brand
Your personal brand is showcased across so many touch points, both in person and online. You want to ensure that the brand you present to someone in person (how you act, sound, speak), is consistent with your online presence (how you interact, write, behave).
1. Your digital brand
Next time you write an email, engage on professional communication tools like Slack, or Microsoft Teams or Zoom think about how you write, are you kind, professional, timely? These all impact your personal brand. What about your LinkedIn – is it consistent with your offline brand, are you happy with how it sells you? How do you behave on your personal social media channels? Because remember the internet is a big wide world and even your employer can access your activity on social media. 
2. Create an elevator pitch

How do you sell yourself when someone asks ‘tells me about yourself’ or ‘what do you do?’, the answer to these questions is so important and can create a lasting first impression. Refine a pitch that is 30 seconds long, and clearly crafts who you are, what you do, who you help and why you help them.

3. Build your network

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Who you hang out with shapes you, and defines the perception people have of you. Spend time curating a network that you are proud of, can learn from and who you can help. Building a network early on can be beneficial when it comes to career growth and when you need assistance and advice. 

A great way to define your personal brand is to gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you stand for. Spend time thinking about your values and beliefs and go from there.