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Empowering Employability

Employers and students are demanding work placements to bridge the gap between education and graduate employment. Graduates are finding increasingly more difficult to compete in the graduate market due to the lack of real-work experience gained only from being in a business environment.
Internship placements give your students an unfair advantage in the very competitive graduate market. Students from universities engaged with InternMatch have enjoyed positive employment outcomes as a result of the experience their students have gained from completing an internship. 

How it Works

Length of Internship

We cater to the needs of each faculty, so you get to select key details for each internship.

Number of Days

The number of days are dictated by the number of hours each student is required to obtain.


All compliance requirements are taken care of with a seamless and automated process flow.

Access to Network

We provide you with access to thousands of host companies with available internships open to your students


We are here to help you through the entire internship process if you ned any help

Reporting & Analytics

InternMatch offers ready to go reporting based on students, faculties and status.

Why InternMatch?

  • We are a passionate team with decades of combined experience in Australian and global businesses.
  • Our vast community of over 5000 host companies recognise the value of a diverse, global perspective in their business and are invested in providing practical experiences to international students as well as further opportunities post-internship
  • We provide assistance and support to students and host companies throughout the internship period.
  • Our software provides seamless placements, compliance and reporting.

What Our Host Companies Say

"We've had 5 interns and all of them have been terrific"

Adam Stanley
Executive Director at Pitcher Partners

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Types of Internships

On-Site Internships

The traditional internship experience allows the student to work under the supervision of a staff member and complete various tasks assigned to them throughout the internship. These are the most dynamic work experiences and allow the organisation flexibility when allocating tasks and resources. Our host organisations have the option to take one or more interns at any time.

Remote Internships

The same as a traditional office-based internship, however students intern from their own home! As companies are increasingly moving towards flexible working arrangements, remote work is a valuable experience for students and graduates. We’ve developed a best practice internship from home guide to help support business to effectively manage an intern who is based at home.

What Our Host Companies Say

The founders of tech start-up Pelikin talk about their experience with taking on interns in their small busines

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