Education Providers

We partner with various education providers across Australia to provide internship opportunities for their students within our broad network of host companies

Providing international students with an opportunity

  • We bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace, providing opportunities for students to gain Australian workplace experience and develop a professional network

Why InternMatch?

  • We are a passionate team with decades of combined experience in Australian and overseas businesses
  • Our vast community of host companies recognise the value of a diverse, global perspective in their business and are invested in providing practical experience to international students as well as further opportunities post-internship
  • We provide assistance and support to students and host companies throughout the internship period

How does InternMatch benefit your students?

  • The main focus of InternMatch is to provide international students with opportunities to gain practical experience within the Australian business environment
  • Students work on real-life projects alongside business supervisors who provide them with guidance and support
  • Our program gives students an initial start to their careers with the potential to gain full-time employment post-internship

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