Usually, the top companies snap up the best talent. 

Not this time!

InternMatch has pre-selected a group of motivated, smart young engineers to place into the workforce by way of an internship.  If you want to have first pick, register now.

As part of its 2021/2022 Budget, the Australian Government has announced an investment of AUD15.2 billion (US$11.8 billion) for infrastructure works over the next 10 years. 

They have also extended the First Home Loan Deposit and the New Home Guarantee schemes, and introduced the Family Home Guarantee scheme. These three schemes are expected to underpin the construction industry for the next 10 years.

But the industry needs people.  Good people.  Smart people.  People who want to work and want to contribute to building the world back better than before.

Those people are university graduates.

And the best way to get them, is through us.

We pre-select our interns so you don't have to.

The InternMatch selection process is a rigorous series of competency, skills and aptitude tests.  We test for soft skills like time management, accountability, organisational skills and ability to work in a team. 

These graduates are available to you at no cost.

Our only ask is that you challenge them to further develop their talents.

Yes – I want first pick.

After completing the registration form, one of our internship experts will contact you to explain how you can participate in the “First Pick” internship program.