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Get access to a plethora of qualified talent to support your business for 12 weeks. For free.

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Why take on an intern?

  • The ability to have a university graduate join your business as an intern for 12 weeks, for free, is one of the best-kept secrets in Australian business
  • One of the best ways to hire a potential full-time employee is by providing your intern with an opportunity to learn and be part of your business

What is required of our host companies?

  • A role or opportunity suitable for an intern to perform and excel at
  • Maintain full compliance with Australian OH&S legislation
  • A company representative to mentor and guide the student throughout the 12-week internship program

How does Internmatch look after interns and host companies?

  • We co-ordinate internship placements and engage interns with our host companies
  • We are readily available for any internship support that our host companies require