12 September 2022

Host company: Half-way checklist

Host company: Half-way checklist

You are halfway through your Digital Jobs program journey with your participant mid-way through their placement. We hope it has been a rewarding experience thus far for your company being a part of the program.

This mid-way point provides a great opportunity to pause, reflect and plan for the remainder of your participant’s journey. Are you having regular feedback sessions with your participant? Have you checked-in on their tasks and projects to ensure their output is of value to you? Is there anything you’d like them to tackle in their remaining time with your company?

Go through the following checklist with your participant to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the program.

Feedback sessions

Are you and your participant having regular check-ins and feedback sessions? If you’re not already, it’s time to set-up a meeting and go through the participants’ performance, how they are tracking and areas of improvement. Make it a two-way conversation where the participant can discuss how they are finding the experience and ask any questions, or for help if needed.

Set goals for the placement

What did you and your participant decide was most important about the placement and program? Did you set any specific goals for them to achieve throughout the program, or tasks to complete? Now is a great time to check in on those goals and see how you both feel they are tracking. If you didn’t set up any goals at the beginning of the program, take this opportunity to set some KPIs for the remainder of the journey to give your participant something to work towards.

Skills check-in

How have your participants’ skills enhanced over the course of the journey? Have they improved in areas of their digital expertise? Celebrate how far your participant has come over this journey (remembering they are new to the industry); and identify any areas they would like to continue to improve on, seeing if there is a way within their placement that they could further work on that skillset.

Networking within the company

Being a part of your company during the Digital Jobs program, isn’t just a great opportunity to hone their newfound digital skill. It is also a fantastic opportunity to understand what it’s like to be a part of a company, meet new people and use their networking skills. Has your participant had a chance to network with other people across various teams within the company? Perhaps it’s time to nudge them out of their comfort zone and set up meet and greet or catch-ups internally.