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Outcome.Life’s host company referral partner program has been developed to give individuals and organisations the opportunity to help us execute on our vision and realise youth employment liberation and business empowerment around the world.

The program rewards entrepreneurial spirit and dedication with a $250 AUD fee for each intern placed into host companies that you introduce and manage with InternMatch.

Details You Must Provide:


Book a meeting with an InternMatch consultant to go over the host company referral partner process and discuss details including host company qualification, invoicing, and associated referral fees.

Book a consultation.

Sign host company referral partner contract and complete any other legal and contractual obligations.

Sign contract.

A specific landing page will be set up where you can direct all host company leads. This will include a registration form linked to our customer relationship management system, ensuring the capture and tagging of all host company leads.

Receive collateral.

Attend our official onboarding session with one of our InternMatch consultants prior to the referral program’s launch.

Confirm and complete process.

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