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Interns, the answer to your resourcing needs

Internships, are one of the most cost-effective ways to add enthusiastic, motivated and diverse resources to your business. In an increasingly international economy, market leaders are looking to add fresh, skilled talent and global perspectives to their teams. Interns are a great way to source new talent from an untapped market, to fill resource needs or get a head-start on an important project.

InternMatch facilitates internship placement providers that partner with leading companies, education providers, start-ups and industries across Australia to place university students, graduates and career-changers into internships, allowing them to gain valuable experience in their chosen industry and prepare them for professional their career.

Internships are the smart way to access staff

Interns can help you to solve a variety of resourcing and staffing needs, including:

  • An alternative to the regular talent pool for ongoing roles and vacancies
  • Tackle short term tasks, or project based roles
  • ‘Top-up’ teams for busy-periods or seasonal work
  • Trial feasibility or to assess needs of newly created roles within your business
  • Build a diverse workplace, with equal opportunities and inclusive work cultures
  • Develop your own emerging leadership pipeline of young, enthusiastic talent

With most of our internships spanning 12 weeks, this provides you the host company, and the intern the opportunity to ‘trial’ the opportunity, risk free – ensuring the right fit, with the option to offer ongoing employment if you choose.

An internship to match your needs

Student and graduate internship

Our student and graduate interns are newly qualified, or gaining their qualification, skilled and motivated. They bring a fresh perspective and keen attitude to learn and contribute to your business 

  • Local and internationally based students
  • Qualified across all disciplines and industries including
    • Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Finance and Accounting
    • (Excluding education and medical)
  • 12 week internships (full time and part time options)
  • Open to host companies globally
  • Unpaid and paid internships available

Digital skills internship

The Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program is building the state’s digital workforce by training and up-skilling mid-career Victorians ready to transition into digital careers

  • Mid-career Victorian’s (30+ years old)
  • 10+ years experience with transferable skills
  • Qualified across the following digital skills:
    • AI/Machine learning
    • Cloud computing
    • Cyber security
    • Data analytics
    • Digital marketing
    • Product management
    • Project management
    • Software development
    • User Experience (UX)/ User Interface (UI)
    • Programming
    • IT support
  • 12 week internships (full time and part time options)
  • Open to Victorian host companies only
  • Paid internship

Group internship

If you’re completing a specific project and need hands-on resources for any task, our Group internship is the perfect option. Made up of 4–5 interns that are nearing the end of their Bachelor or Masters degree.

  • Local and internationally based student
  • We provide a professional and experienced mentor who will assist in guiding the group and ensure quality and delivery of the internship portion of the project
  • Qualified across the following disciplines:
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Data and Business Analyst 
  • 10-12 week internships (full time and part time options)
  • Open to host companies globally
  • Unpaid and paid internships available

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What to expect

12 weeks

Our internships span for a maximum of 12 weeks, with options for ongoing permanent employment

Unpaid and paid options

With a variety of internship programs available, we have options for unpaid, and paid interns 

Onsite, hybrid or remote

Based on your needs, internship program type and intern availability, internships can be onsite, hybrid or remote 

Part time or full time

Based on intern and host company needs, we have part-time (3 days) and full time internships available

Variety of disciplines

We have interns skilled and qualified across a huge range of disciplines and industries 

Candidate selection

We supply you with pre-screened students that fit your requirements and needs, which you then get to choose from


Our team are here to support you through the entire internship process, from pre-selection through to providing a great internship experience

Ongoing employment options

You can choose to offer the intern ongoing employment at the end of their internship, however it is not a requirement

FairWork compliant

As our interns are participating in the program as part of their accredited courses and programs, our internships meet all the compliance requirements for unpaid vocational placements (internships) under the FairWork Australia guidelines.

"We've hosted 5 interns and all of them have been terrific"

Adam Stanley
Partner, Pitcher Partners

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