A brighter future begins with the right match.

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Our researchers
and analysts match students and graduates with global businesses.

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We match intern skillsets and interests to your business requirements.

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We manage pathways into employment by facilitating real-world work experience for all of your students.

InternMatch works hand-in-hand with Careers Teams and/or individual Schools to ensure that all students have access to complete a real-world placement. We believe there is a placement for everyone. It is our job to find the right match.

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Using machine learning, we match experienced mentors with Students and graduates.

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Digital Jobs

Supporting mid-career Victorians for a new digital career

InternMatch is proud to be the placement program partner for the Digital Jobs program

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We understand your businesses skill requirements and then match interns with the appropriate skills

In a post COVID world accessing talent is challenging. Not to mention the difficulties in finding the right match of skills and cultural fit.

Through InternMatch’s partnerships with Governments, Universities and Vocational Education Providers around the world, we access the global talent pool. And we’re not just talking about students.

Yes, we have those who are currently studying (students) and about to finish and enter the workforce, but, we also include graduates and career changes with previous professional experience as our clients. The InternMatch talent base is diverse and loaded with enthusiastic people determined to make a difference in a new organisation.

We don’t put square pegs in round holes. If we don’t have the right candidate for your immediately, we want push someone on you until we do. Given it is free to post a position, companies have nothing to lose. We won’t waste your time.

If your business uses specific software that your people need to know, great. Just let us know and we will ensure your interns have done the pre training so they can hit the ground running.

From anywhere, to anywhere.
InternMatch has a wide footprint so that you are no longer restricted to the talent on your doorstep.

We facilitate internships both on-premises and remotely which means your on-premise intern could be local to you or be from another location anywhere in the world willing to travel to join your team in your office.

Alternatively – you can offer a remote internship which widens the pool for talent even further because you’re not having to worry about office desk space or proximity to your office. A study by the International Labour Organisations (ILO) estimates that around 50% of the global workforce could work from home, and so more and more companies are now engaging with interns from our around the world and embedding them in their team remotely.

Alternatively – you can offer a remote internships widening the pool for talent even further because you’re not having to worry about office desk space or proximity to your office.

Submit an enquiry

Tell us a bit about your business so we can organise for the right InternMatch onboarding specialist to get in touch with you. Why can’t I just post a position without speaking someone we hear you ask? For good reason. We screen every business wanting access to our interns to ensure that you are fit and proper to take on interns. It is our commitment to quality and we treat you the same way when we shortlist interns for you.

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Onboarding session

We organise a 30 minute onboarding session with you. Showing you how to use the InternMatch platform to manage your internship opportunities, review intern profiles and explain the process from A to Z.

Create Opportunities

Creating an internship opportunity is easy. The InternMatch platform has a pre-defined internship template creator tool that helps you to structure what an intern’s roles and responsibilities will be during their internship. You can also create a video of your internship position to showcase why your company is a cool place to work.


Once interns have applied for your internship opportunities, our team will review each application prior to you being notified. We want to make this as efficient for you as possible and don’t want you having to go through hundreds of profiles to select your intern. As we said before, we don’t put square pegs in round holes. We only allow the most likely matches to make their way into your inbox.

You will then be able to view the Interns profile, watch their profile video and select who you would like to interview.

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Just like a regular recruitment process, we prompt you to interview intern candidates just like you would when looking to hire a new employee. Post COVID, 97% of interviews are now taking place on Zoom/Teams.


When you are ready to make an ‘Internship Offer’ our system creates the internship agreement, so that all parties are aware of their individual requirements and expectations, key internship details and ensures the internship is compliant.


Get the internship started.

Our Internship programs are designed with our industry partners in mind. We work with our interns to teach them what they don’t know and won’t learn as part of their education

Book a consultation.

We meet with every company that is looking to engage in our programs to ensure we have the right fit, and that right fit goes both ways.

We take the time to understand your business requirements, the kinds of attitudes and behaviours you’re looking for to ensure we meet your business expectations and essentially, make ‘the perfect match’.


Placement half-way checklist
Use our guide as a half-way checklist as you carry on through the remainder of your placement.
How to provide a great placement experience
Creating a great work experience is critical to a participant’s success while on their internship placement.
How to conduct a great interview
How do you set candidates up for success and ensure you get the best out of them during the interview process?
The skills your company needs
Internships provide you with an opportunity to bring employees into your business with diverse experience and a wide range of skill sets.
Host company: Half-way checklist
Go through the following checklist with your participant to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the program.
How to run a productive mentoring session
In order to run a productive mentoring session, it is essential to divide the functions of your session into three sections.

The % of our talent placed into internships

The number of talent that land a role in their industry within 3 months of completing their internship

The % of students would recommend InternMatch to a friend

Real stories

Intern story: Tiep, Delaware North
Hear about Tiep’s experience, interning as a Business and Data Analyst with Delaware North; and how an internship experience boosted her confidence.
Intern story: Kriti, GADA Technology
Hear about Kriti’s experience, interning as Full-Stack Developer with GADA Technology; and how an internship experience turned into a full-time role.


What kind of businesses can become an Internship Host Company?

Internship host companies can come from a wide range of industries and sectors, including but not limited to:

– Technology and software development
– Finance and accounting
– Marketing and advertising
– Healthcare and medicine
– Engineering and manufacturing
– Law and legal services
– Non-profit and social impact organizations
– Media and entertainment
– Retail and e-commerce
– Education and research institutions

Any business that is looking to provide on-the-job training, mentorship and experience for students or recent graduates in a specific field may be eligible to become an internship host company.

What level are these interns?

We work with a variety of educational institutions, government and even work directly with the graduate community. All of our interns are over the age of 18, and come with a varied level of experience.

What can interns do?

Interns can do a wide variety of tasks, depending on the company and the specific internship program. Some common tasks that interns may be responsible for include:

– Assisting with research and data analysis
– Helping with marketing and advertising campaigns
– Participating in the design and development of projects
– Supporting the day-to-day operations of the company
– Shadowing and learning from experienced professionals
– Attending meetings and taking notes
– Handling administrative tasks such as scheduling and maintaining files
– Creating presentations, reports and other materials
– Providing support to customers or clients

Interns are generally given tasks that are designed to help them gain experience and learn new skills in their field of study, while also supporting the company’s operations. They are usually mentored by a supervisor or manager who provides guidance, feedback and support throughout the internship.

Can I host more than one intern?

Yes, you can host more than one intern at a time.

Many companies choose to host multiple interns at once, especially if they have a large number of projects or tasks that require additional support. This allows the company to benefit from the energy and skills of multiple interns, while also providing more opportunities for the interns to learn and grow.

If you decide to host multiple interns, it is important to have a clear plan in place for how they will be supervised, mentored and trained. This may involve assigning specific tasks or projects to each intern, or dividing the interns into teams with a designated team leader. It’s also important to make sure you have the resources and infrastructure to accommodate multiple interns, such as enough office space, equipment, and software.

Can my intern sign a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, it is common for interns to sign a confidentiality agreement (also called a non-disclosure agreement or NDA) before they begin their internship.

A confidentiality agreement is a legal document that prohibits the intern from disclosing any confidential or proprietary information that they may come across during their internship. This can include information about the company’s products, services, business plans, customers, financials, or any other information that is considered to be sensitive or proprietary.

The confidentiality agreement should be drafted by a lawyer and should clearly define what is considered confidential and how the intern is allowed to use that information. It should also specify the duration of the agreement and the consequences for breach of the agreement.

Having your intern sign a confidentiality agreement is a good way to protect your company’s confidential information, and it also helps to set clear expectations for the intern in terms of what they can and cannot share with others.

Can I hire my intern?

Yes, you can hire your intern and it is infact our desired outcome.

Many companies choose to hire interns after their internship period has ended because they have had the opportunity to evaluate the intern’s skills, work ethic and fit within the company. Hiring an intern who has already been trained and familiarized with the company’s operations can save the company time and resources in the recruitment process.

It’s important to note that while internships are designed to provide students or recent graduates with work experience, they are not a guarantee of employment. Employers should always follow their standard hiring procedures and should not make any promises of employment during the internship period.

It’s also important to keep in mind any legal requirements and regulations regarding the hiring process and the intern’s status. Some countries have laws that govern internships and the rights of interns, so it’s important to be aware of those laws and ensure compliance with them.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

Internships can be either paid or unpaid, depending on the company and the specific internship program.

Paid internships typically provide the intern with a salary or stipend for their work, while unpaid internships do not provide any form of compensation.

Depending on your companies geographical location, employers and internship programs are legally required to pay interns at least minimum wage, some also offer a compensation package including benefits like health insurance, vacation days, etc.

The laws regarding unpaid internships vary by country and by state, with some jurisdictions having stricter requirements for when an internship must be paid. In the United States, for example, an intern must be paid at least minimum wage if the internship is for the benefit of the employer and the intern is not receiving academic credit for the internship. When you engage in our program, our team will help to determine the kind of program that is right for you.

What is the duration of an internship?

Our internship programs can span from as little as 5 weeks to 6 months depending on the kind of program requirements of any particular intern. We are also flexible with the number of days an intern can work which can be anywhere from 3 to 5 days per week.