23 November 2022

How to be a great project manager

How to be a great project manager

Project management is all about leading and overseeing the work of a team to deliver project goals to scope, on time and within budget. 

As a project manager, it is your task to make sure there are no hindrances and to ensure each component in the process works in tandem to achieve the objectives.

Regardless of a project’s scale, delivery time frame and the number of resources involved, you will certainly be required to manage projects throughout your entire career – understanding how to do this effectively will make the process a whole lot smoother.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as a project manager:

Goals and objectives:   

The first step is to outline the goals and objectives of your project. These goals will be at the centre of your remaining components of your project such as the team, responsibilities, deadlines. It is also important to reevaluate your goals and objectives from time to time to track your progress. 

Roles and responsibilities

Just like every single nut and bolt have a specific function in a machine, every role in a project has a specific purpose. As the engineer of the machine, your priority as a project manager is to assign specific roles and responsibilities to individuals capable of helping you achieve your goals. 

Priorities and milestones

Creating a hierarchy of tasks and prioritising your goals can help you manage your project more efficiently. Setting milestones during your project with a specific time frame can help you track your progress and it can even help you make more well informed decisions for the upcoming phases of the project. 


Communicating with your team members and stakeholders is the key to your entire operation. When certain team members aren’t able to conduct their tasks efficiently, communicating with them can help them align their objectives with yours. When engaging with stakeholders, communicating realistic projected results can help you avoid any surprises from arising in the future. 

Progress checks

Keeping a close eye on every component of your project can help you achieve your objectives. Constantly checking the progress of your team members or certain tasks and their timelines can help you track efficiency and can even help you manage your resources better.