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Why internships are so important

Employability takes more than just theoretical knowledge of an industry. Now, more than ever, employers are looking for candidates that have networking skills, a strong personal brand and, most importantly, industry work experience in Australia.

Industry research shows that over 30% of students who complete an internship program are offered paid employment with their host company.

Further, up to 90% receive job offers within 6 months of completing their internship after engaging in valuable networking opportunities and professional referrals.

How it Works

Length of Internship

Majority of internships span for a maximum of 12 weeks

Number of Days

You can select the number of days you wish to intern.


It doesn’t matter what you have studied, we have internships for all industries.


We supply you with a range of internships  opporunities that are in line with what you want to do.


We are here to help you through the entire internship process if you need any help

Post-Internship Employment

We keep track of how you’re going throughout your internship and help to support you if an employment contract is on the table!

Why InternMatch?

InternMatch has been designed to manage and automate the internship search, selection and placement process. 


Registering with Internmatch allows you to:

  • Create an Interns profile which will act as your ‘Online Resume’
  • Select your criteria for the kind of internship you’re looking for
  • Search using our global network of host companies and internship opportunities
  • Apply for internships 
  • See your application progress in real-time
  • Accept an interview with your preferred host company
  • Complete your Internship Agreement (and other compliance documentation)
  • Keep track of your daily tasks and learnings with our Internship Logbook App!

What Our Students Say

"I couldn't find a job in IT so I continued to work in hospitality for 9 years..."

Durga completed an internship with Mentorloop and was quickly offered an ongoing role

Types of Internships

On-Site Internships

The traditional internship experience allows the student to work under the supervision of a staff member and complete various tasks assigned to them throughout the internship. These are the most dynamic work experiences and allow the organisation flexibility when allocating tasks and resources. Our host organisations have the option to take one or more interns at any time.

Remote Internships

The same as a traditional office-based internship, however students intern from their own home! As companies are increasingly moving towards flexible working arrangements, remote work is a valuable experience for students and graduates. We’ve developed a best practice internship from home guide to help support business to effectively manage an intern who is based at home.

Examples of what you might do in your internship

We work with our Host Companies to design internship opportunities that are fun and valuable!

Information Technology:

  • Business Analyst: Process mapping, market research, data analysis, CRM customisation and general documentation and planning
  • Developers: Frontend and backend using a variety of technologies including html, Java, Javascript, CSS and MYSQL
  • IT Support: Helpdesk positions involving troubleshooting and solving issues with various hardware and software
  • Networking and telecommunications: Hardware and cloud-based

Accounting and Finance:

  • Bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, stocktake, management accounting
  • Accounting assistance using MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and Excel
  • Data entry and construction of some financial statements (with appropriate supervision)
  • Income tax returns, FBT preparation, maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers, General Ledger reconciliations and audits


  • Civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, structural & more
  • Make an immediate impact in areas such as procurement preparation, energy auditing, site surveying & life cycle costing
  • Use of software such as AutoCad, Revit, STAAD & MATLAB

Business & Marketing:

  • Digital marketing strategies, including paid advertising & SEO
  • Social media & blog content creation & scheduling
  • Target market, competitor & persona research
  • Assist with marketing budgeting & planning
  • Event planning, hosting & promotion


  • Creation of graphic and digital content for multiple purposes and platforms
  • Web & UX design
  • Advertising & Branding
  • Creating and editing moving image, including film and animation


  • Developing product business plan and market and industry research
  • Minimum viable product development
  • Feasibility analysis, financial budgets & forecasting
  • Project planning and management
  • Storyboarding and customer journeys

Science & Health:

  • Quality control (Food Manufacturing, soil & agriculture)
  • Occupational heal and safety assessments and policies
  • Collect, clean and analyse data based on business based problems
  • Industry based scientific research, feasibility and analysis studies
  • Environmental & sustainability project work
  • Mental health training, support and client focused outcomes
  • Local health initiatives, administration and promotion across various sectors

Other internship placement sectors:

  • Architecture & Drafting
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Food Science
  • Graphic Design
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism

What Our Host Companies Say

The founders of tech start-up Pelikin talk about their experience with taking on interns in their small busines

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