Seamlessly automating the internship placement process

Real-time, cloud-based, multi-sided marketplace for internship agencies, students, education providers and host companies

Track significant milestones within the placement process

Fully digitised compliance and audit functionality​

Seamless registration and onboarding for all users

Streamlined in-platform and multi-channel communication

Quick-glance dashboards, intuitive reporting and analytics

Stop Using Spreadsheets
Streamline your Placements

The InternMatchplatform has all the time-saving applications designed to automate the internship placement process.

From onboarding new students and companies to the final day of the internship, InternMatchautomatically handles everything in real-time with the touch of a button.

Save time and discover how InternMatchcan help you to scale your internship placements through our fully configurable, state-of-the-art technology.

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Internship Placements

Customisable User Roles

InternMatch provides all stakeholders with a unique user view and functionality based on their assigned role.

Education providers

  • Track students through each milestone
  • Develop customised compliance documentation
  • Tailor internship workflows
  • Personalised communication to students
  • Clear and transparent audit trail


  • Apply for available internships
  • Monitor application progress
  • Accept internship offers
  • Sign internship agreement
  • Complete daily internship journals
  • Receive completion certificate

Host companies

  • Create new internship opportunities
  • View intern profiles
  • Review internship applications
  • Schedule interviews and make internship offers
  • Monitor and approve daily internship journals


Individual User

Manage Student Database

Manage Internship Opportunities

Automated Task Reminders

Priority Indicators

Communication Audits

Machine Learning Technology

Download & Share Documents

Secure & Encrypted by Keycloak

User Interface

Mobile App Made For On-The-Go Management

The full InternMatchplatform is available on iOS and Android for easy internship management anytime, anywhere.

Track application progress, manage your internships, sign important documentation and complete daily journals in our user-friendly mobile platform.

Full cloud sync allows you to access your internship data across your devices, no matter where you are, and automated notifications ensure that you never miss a task deadline again.

Simple and Automated Compliance Documents

One-touch compliance reporting

All compliance documents in one place, sent as one report

Easy to share, save or collate for any regulatory requirements

All documentation can be customised with a database of best-practice documents readily available


  • Internship Opportunity Descriptions
  • Automated and digitally signed Internship Placement Agreements
  • Host Company Validation
  • Occupational Health and Safety Checklist
  • Intern Induction Documents
  • Evaluation Forms for interns and companies
  • Approved Daily Logbooks
  • Audit trail of all communications

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