Our Story

This is supposed to be about us, but it isn’t really. It’s about you.

If you’re a university student or were one recently, we can help you find a job.

If you’re looking for the right people to help grow your business, we are pretty sure we have who you need.

If you’re part of a university that “creates leaders of tomorrow”, we can help those leaders get a start.

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We match those who want to learn with those who want to teach. And those who want to stand out with those who want to stand up.

And we don’t just match the best with the best, we work with the unmatched. Because we believe everybody has a match somewhere – we just need to find it.


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Founders & Board of Directors

Gerard Holland
Co-Founder & Global Chief Executive Officer
Domenic Saporito
Geoff Neate
Board Member
Paul Breen
Chairman of the Board
Adam Colabufalo
Company Secretary & Head of Legal


Michael Chai
Manager of Partnerships, ASEAN
Nicholas Zarafonitis
Global Financial Controller
Stephenie Pulis-Cassar
Global Chief Operating Officer
Natalie Coughlan
Manager Data and Business Systems
Luke McCormack
General Manager, Australia
Setareh Shokouhi
Head of Partnerships, Canada and USA
Kerry Whitehand
Compliance Manager

Where we work

We are building a global network so that we can better match people with companies across the world. So far you can find us in any of the countries listed here – but we are still growing. So bookmark this page to register with us so we can keep you informed of our progress.

Global Network

Where we work

We are building a global network so that we can better match people with companies across the world. So far you can find us in any of the countries listed here – but we are still growing. So bookmark this page to register with us so we can keep you informed of our progress.


This is where it all started. Opened in 2016, the InternMatch head office is in Melbourne, Victoria but we service students, education providers and companies right across Australia.

UK & Europe

Opened in 2021, our UK office is fast becoming the go-to team in Europe. Responsible for the Europe and the Middle East, the UK team seamlessly link with other country offices to provide international opportunities for students and host companies.

Canada & USA

Opened in 2022, our Canadian team are just getting started. Not only do our team service the Canadian and US markets, but they also deliver an important link in our global follow-the-sun service delivery model. So, no matter where you are, someone from our team is available to help.


Launching during the COVID-19 pandemic, to create remote internship opportunities for African Students, the South African team are focused on creating job opportunities for young African unemployed graduates.

Intern Match

To solve a big problem, you need to think big. And the biggest problem of our generation is youth unemployment. The mission of InternMatch is to break down the barriers to employment and improve employability outcomes for tertiary-educated graduates. And we do this globally.

Utilising an innovative technology platform, we have already created employment for thousands of graduates across the world – but our task if far from done.


MentorMatch is an initative between InternMatch, Study Melbourne and Rotary International. This program aims to improve the social connectedness and employability of students through engagement with an experienced and qualified mentor.

Outcome Academy

Outcome Academy (RTO No. 45564) provides practical training to Students and Graduates who are transitioning from their education to being a professional.

Outcome Academy primarily focuses on providing aspiring professional with practical training on Employability Skills, Enterprise Skills, Technical Skills and Contemporary business software, and skills and knowledge required to work effectively in business environments.

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Global Employment Challenge

The Global Employment Challenge (GEC), the GEC was developed to meet the digital skills shortages across Australia, Europe, the UK, India, and the USA. It has been designed to keep Africa’s youth in Africa by bringing complex, international jobs to the continent of Africa.

InternMatch Employability Services

InternMatch Employability Services facilitates the employment of new hires globally making it even easier for companies to take advantage of global talent. Our services provide end to end employment contracts, remuneration facilitation and ongoing management for the lifetime of the employee with any country from around the planet.

Our mission is to build a global organisation to impact the planet and its people in a positive way.

It’s a big mission, and we want to do it with energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, dedication, and most importantly, humility.

We start our days thinking about how to provide unique opportunities that will make people a little bit more experienced, informed and attractive to the global marketplace.

We work in a culture of respect, always insuring people are listened to, cared for and are safe.


Placement half-way checklist
Use our guide as a half-way checklist as you carry on through the remainder of your placement.
How to provide a great placement experience
Creating a great work experience is critical to a participant’s success while on their internship placement.
How to conduct a great interview
How do you set candidates up for success and ensure you get the best out of them during the interview process?
The skills your company needs
Internships provide you with an opportunity to bring employees into your business with diverse experience and a wide range of skill sets.
Host company: Half-way checklist
Go through the following checklist with your participant to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the program.
How to run a productive mentoring session
In order to run a productive mentoring session, it is essential to divide the functions of your session into three sections.