20 June 2022

Setting up your digital workstation

Setting up your digital workstation

Confidence in the workplace comes from having the right tools to set you up for success. With remote and hybrid working so common, you can turn your laptop into your digital workspace so that you are ready to work from anywhere. 

Let’s get you set up with an efficient digital workspace and breakdown the apps and programs that will help to bring it to life.

Google Suite

The entire Google suite is your one-stop-shop for all things digital workplace and a major competitor of Microsoft Office 365. The great news is that Google is free for anyone to use, and all accessed online and stored in the cloud – so you don’t need to download anything or purchase any software. It is a collection of business, productivity and collaboration programs including:

  • Gmail (email)
  • Drive (storage)
  • Docs (document creation)
  • Sheets (spreadsheets)
  • Slides (presentations)
  • Calendar (calendar)
  • Keep (note taking)

Create a Google account here


Virtual ‘hangouts’ have become the norm thanks to the pandemic. Workplaces have embraced video conference calls and meetings, pushed by the need to provide remote and hybrid working for staff. There is no shortage of video call softwares on the market, from Microsoft Teams, to Google Hangout, but the most popular app is Zoom Meeting.

It can be used on desktop and mobile easily, with great quality connection and comes in free and paid tiers — for a single user the free option is perfect and supports calls up to 100 participants (however calls with three or more individuals on the line are limited to 40 minutes duration).

You can access Zoom through your browser, but having the app already downloaded and ready to go on your desktop is by far the most efficient way to access.

Download Zoom Meetings here

Note taking

Wether you’re in a meeting (online or in-person), or you have a brainwave on the spot  — having a place to store your notes and thoughts on the fly is important to putting (virtual) pen to paper and ensuring the note stays exactly where you left it.

There are plenty of note taking apps on the market and depending on your level of creativity, what type of projects you’re undertaking and how many features you are after, there is an app for everyone. Options include:

  • Google Keep: Fuss-free, syncs up with your Google Suite nicely, easy to use — Download here
  • Evernote: A popular app for sometime now, with a simple user interface and great for long form notes — Download here
  • Notion: For the more tech-savvy user, plenty of features and integrations — Download here
  • Bear: Perfect for iPhone, Mac and iPad users, syncs up well while still being easy to use — Download here