Intern story: Suzan, Danaie Experience Design (DEXD)


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Natacha Van Voorst

Hear about Suzan’s experience, as an architecture intern with the UK Dementia Research Institute; and how this experience set her apart from other candidates.

Student: Suzan Mecitoglu
University: University of Toronto
Internship: Architectural Design
Host company: DEXD

Suzan moved from Turkey to Toronto as an international student, where she successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and Visual Studies from the University of Toronto

After graduation, Suzan’s next step was to gain practical experience in the field of architecture. Having come across InternMatch, she was booked in with a Placement Coordinator and eagerly accepted the first offer she received with DEXD, a multidisciplinary architectural design firm.

During the internship, she was continuously introduced to new and exciting projects that allowed her to explore her interests within the industry. Suzan gained valuable experience in signage and wayfinding support, as well as expertise in construction documentation.

Suzan’s most important takeaway from her internship experience was the boost in her confidence, As well as the value of asking questions without hesitation – recognising that it was the most effective way for her to learn and grow.

Suzan expressed her gratitude for the internship experience saying, “If it weren’t for InternMatch, I wouldn’t know where I’d be today.” She explained that the entire journey, from securing her internship to landing a full-time job, was seamless and well-supported. 

Throughout the process, Seterah provided incredible support and guidance, and Suzan always felt that InternMatch was there to assist her, no matter the circumstances.

Remarkably, just two months into her internship at DEXD, Suzan was offered a full-time contract as an architectural designer which marks a significant milestone in her career.


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