Intern story: Tiep, Delaware North

Hear about Tiep's experience, interning as a Business and Data Analyst with Delaware North; and how an internship experience boosted her confidence.


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Penny Holloway

Hear about Tiep’s experience, interning as a Business and Data Analyst with Delaware North; and how an internship experience boosted her confidence.

Student: Tiep Nguyen
University: La Trobe University
Internship: Business and Data Analyst
Host company: Delaware North

After entering her final semester and consulting with her university course coordinator and close friends, Tiep discovered her dire need of pursuing an internship. As part of her degree, she enrolled into the group internship program La Trobe University’s partnership with InternMatch and she was selected as a Business and Data Analyst intern at Delaware North.

Within the first few days of her internship, Tiep was encouraged to participate in various team meetings and catch-ups. Apart from her regular responsibilities, she was given additional tasks that were aligned with what she studied at university. The motivation she received from these actions was insurmountable as it truly kept her focused and driven to continue the job assigned to her. 

She recalled an incident where her supervisor mentioned, “Oh, your presence here is very meaningful to us and you’re doing a great job.” This was a moment that remained with her throughout the twelve weeks of her internship. 

Tiep has remained a strong advocate for other international students to pursue internships in the field of their study. She believes internships to be that vessel that enhances your knowledge, gives you valid experience and provides you with the opportunity to showcase your abilities to handle a similar role to potential employers or recruiters. 

Her stellar job performance during her tenure as an intern at Delaware North did not go unnoticed, as she was given the opportunity to continue working on the project as a contract worker beyond her internship. 


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