Intern story: Kriti, GADA Technology

Hear about Kriti's experience, interning as Full-Stack Developer with GADA Technology; and how an internship experience turned into a full-time role.


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Penny Holloway

Hear about Kriti’s experience, interning as Full-Stack Developer with GADA Technology; and how an internship experience turned into a full-time role.

Student: Kriti Shrestha
University: La Trobe University
Internship: Full-Stack Developer
Host company: GADA Technology

As an international student studying at La Trobe University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Kriti understood the importance of gaining work experience. In a field as competitive as Information Technology, the valid experience would certainly bring her closer to her dream of being employed in a full-time role. 

During this time, Kriti received an email from her university talking about InternMatch and the opportunities they were offering international students. She pursued this opportunity with InternMatch and was subsequently invited to the InternMatch launch event earlier this year. The event was a huge success, as she was introduced to the co-founder of InternMatch, Domenic Saporeto, who encouraged her to join the company’s technology wing GADA. And within a few days, Kriti was a Full-Stack Developer intern at GADA Technology. 

The first few weeks of her internship involved grasping as much knowledge as she could and being a sponge. The role involved documenting data and publishing all the documents to Confluence which could potentially be understood by a layman without any hassle. 

“I am very, very introverted. For the first three or four weeks of my internship, I was so shy around everyone. Soon I started warming up to everyone and because everyone here is so open-minded and it’s just very easy to talk to them.” Her experience at GADA has been nothing short of fruitful as Kriti believes she has honed skills that have eluded her in the past. She is now able to communicate more efficiently and is even encouraged to ask more questions even if they did not make any sense. 

While she continues to pursue her degree in Information Technology, Kriti has always been vocal about the differences between a university and an internship, especially after working at GADA. “Gaining all that knowledge in university is one thing, but then knowing how to actually put it to use is a whole other thing. And doing an internship really helps with that.” 

The knowledge certainly did wonders for her as a mere conversation with Dom turned into a dream being realised. Through her stellar performance throughout the twelve weeks of her internship, Kriti was given the opportunity to work full-time as a junior developer at GADA Technology. 


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