30 November 2022

The 5 most crucial soft skills for the workplace

The 5 most crucial soft skills for the workplace

When we step into a workplace, it’s expected that we come possessing a range of skills that equip us to undertake our role.

As a subject matter expert, you will have spent time studying and training to gain vital technical skills — the specialised knowledge and expertise required to perform a specific task, use specific tools and understand particular techniques. However, equally important as your expertise in a particular area, is possessing strong soft skills — the interpersonal attitudes and attributes that allow you succeed in the workplace, how you communicate and interact with others, also known as people skills.

So what are the key soft skills that workplaces value in an individual? We cover the top five skills you should finesse before stepping into a workplace.

Team work

We know through research that collaboration when problem solving leads to better outcomes. There are so many benefits to people working in teams  — we are more likely to innovate, we achieve personal growth, are overall happier humans with reduced stress and it encourages diversity of thought.

Problem solving

When we apply problem solving skills we’re bringing into play our competencies in resilience, creativity, imagination, lateral thinking and logic — aka great problem solvers also possess other vital skills. Business is riddled with everyday challenges, so having people on board who can overcome these is vital to success.

Time management

Most roles are not defined by a clear number of tasks with time frames to complete each — our jobs have become dynamic, ever changing, with conflicting priorities and short turnaround time frames. Being able to juggle your to-do list and pivot between items is not just a ‘nice-to-have’, it is vital for an employee to be able to manage their time autonomously.


Most business centres around people — whether that is internal, our colleagues, our clients or external stakeholders. Being able to communicate effectively is key to being successful at your role. Successful communication allows us to better understand people and situations, overcome problems quickly and essential to collaborative team-work.


If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that things can change in an instant. COVID-19 has spearheaded the need for employees to be agile, comfortable with change and able to work without boundaries. This includes bouncing back from challenges and thriving under pressure.