14 September 2022

Turn your placement into a career

Turn your placement into a career

A placement or internship is a fantastic opportunity to show a business what you are capable of and how you fit into the fabric of their business. These things are what can help lead to turning your placement into a permanent position now, or down the track.

There are a few things to keep front of mind during your entire journey that can help you to stand out and ultimately that will decide wether you are someone the business may like to take on as a permanent employee — let’s take a look.

It’s all about attitude

Whilst there is never a guarantee that a placement will turn into a job, the people who are successful in making that conversation all have the same thing — a fantastic attitude. 

How you walk into your placement on day one is just as important as how you walk out on your final day, you need to enter and exit with the right mindset and a fantastic attitude.

Be indispensable

You need to hold the mindset that if you make yourself indispensable during your placement, you are making it difficult for your host company to let you go because you’re such an asset to them.

Treat your placement like a job, not a placement. Show up each and every day as though you belong there, weave yourself into the fabric of the business, the people and the projects. 

Hit the ground running

Ensure you are of use from day one of walking in. A great way of doing that? Learn the company software before you start. Many job ads, interviews or company websites will reference their software of choice or key software programs you will need to use in your role. So before yo begin, sign up to free versions, watch YouTube clips and learn how to use that software so that once you commence you already know the basics.

Be a team player

Making an effort with your team and the people in your wider business is vital on a professional and social level. When it comes to team work, are you putting your hand up to assist others? Are you offering suggestions, feedback and commentary when asked? Make yourself known in the team in a helpful and polite way. Social gatherings, work organised team activities or even grabbing a coffee with a colleague are great ways to form bonds with your team mates. 

It’s in the detail

People often won’t remember things do, but they will remember the way you made them feel. Did you make a team mates day a little easier by offering to do a task? Did you make your supervisors life better by showing up proactively to a meeting prepared and organised? Did you notice your colleague was super busy, and so you offered to make them a coffee? It is the little things that go a long way. You only have twelve weeks to make an impact — so how can you go an extra mile to make sure you stand out?