Let us pay for your internship.

No strings attached.

If you are an international student – studying in your 2nd or 3rd year – at the University of New England, the University is going to pay for you to do an internship.  

That’s $2200 for free – no strings attached. 

All you have to do is apply.

How do you get job experience if every job requires for you to have experience?

Getting experience within the Australian industry is an invaluable opportunity for students to stand out from the crowd and to kick start their careers.

Most businesses in Australia value an internship experience when hiring a graduate. InternMatch internships set you apart from the rest.

We work with over 5,000 host companies and  across a range of industries, specialisations, and locations. 

Hands on experience

Internships are not about getting coffee for the Executive team! You’re going in to do real work, with real people and gain real experience.

Here are some of the things other University of England students have done while completing their internship

Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Market research and sector SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor mapping and product evaluations
  • Working with key business stakeholders to enhance functional productivity
  • Develop new revenue or product streams to help diversify the organisation from competitors
  • Research technology stacks for operational improvement
  • Storyboarding and mapping of customer journeys and develop alternative solutions for ongoing improvement
  • Development of business plans and strategies inline with organisational requirements
  • Assess employee productivity and create a tool or calculator to guide business owners as to when they need to hire more staff
  • Minimum viable product development

Accounting, Finance & Commerce

  • Bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, stocktake, management accounting
  • Accounting assistance using MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and Excel
  • Data entry and construction of some financial statements (with appropriate supervision)
  • FBT preparation, maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers, General Ledger reconciliations and audits
  • Preparing analyses of accounts and producing monthly reports
  • Identify areas of improvement with regards to process and procedure and challenge the status quo
  • Customise financial plans according to clients’ changing needs

We also offer internships in a range of other areas including:

Architecture | Business | Community Development & Services | Design | Engineering | Finance | Human Resources | Information Technology | Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics | Procurement | Marketing | Media & Communications | Science & Technology


Please note:  we are unable to offer internships within the Nursing, Education & Lab work disciplines.

How it works and what you get!

Our program has been specifically designed for students just like you to succeed and crush your internship. There are a few components that we take you through to get you there.

Step 1 – We provide you with an online course called The Work Readiness Program. Completion of this online course provides you with a ‘Unit of competency’ in ‘Working in the Australian Business Environment (BSBIND201)

Step 2 – You will have access to take part in our employability workshops that cover a range of employability topics

Step 3 – You can book a 1 on 1 session with our professional Resume & LinkedIn coach who will help you to get a killer CV and LinkedIn profile that employers will look at

Step 4 – You meet with your Internship MatchMaker and tell them what you want to do with your career, your passions and your talents

Step 5You can search on InternMatch for awesome internships that catch your eye! Your Internship MatchMaker will also make personalised recommendations

Step 6 – You will then book interviews with prospective companies

Step 7 – We help you to get organised for your 12-Week internship!


Whoa, we know that is a lot to digest, but believe us when we say, we do this all the time for thousands of students, so don’t worry, we will guide you through the process!

What kind of internships are there?

Individual Internships

An individual internship allows you to work directly with an organisation. You will receive a specified internship supervisor who is an employee at the organisation who will work with you to complete the components outlined within your Internship Training Plan.

This training plan will outline the tasks and responsibilities you will have during your internship and is a great indication of the things you’re going to learn.

Group Internships

Group internships are awesome for students who may not be super confident to complete an individual internship.
We will put you into small groups and provide you with a qualified mentor from your industry.

You will work within the team with constant support by the mentor to action the required work outlined in the Internship Training Plan.

Your Internship MatchMaker will advise you if they think a group internship is appropriate for you.

On-Site Internships

An On-site internship means that you will actually attend the workplace of your selected organisation and work directly with your supervisor and team members from their office.

Receiving an onsite internship will depend on the current COVID-19 situation and depend on the companies comfort around having an open office.
While we cannot guarantee an on-site internship, you can request one via your InternMatch MatchMaker and they will do their best to comply with your requst.

Remote Internships

COVID has quickly turned most work environments into an online workforce and interning remotely is a perfect solution to being able to receive a real world experience in the same way most of us are working.

We will provide you and your host company with best practise instructions as to how to run a remote internship including daily zoom meetings, regular checkin’s and a whole new world of business communication software including Slack, Teams and other online team collaboration software.

Each participant will have a 20-min consultation session with their Internship MatchMaker. They will ask you your preferences for internship and ensure they find an internship that is both perfect and works for you!

How long does all of this take?

Good question, So here is the breakdown

  • The Work Readiness Online Course – Takes approximately 5 hours to complete but is at your own pace
  • Internship Duration – 12-Week Internship for 3 days per week
  • The Process end to end – Depending on how quickly you finish the online course, we can get you into an internship within 4 to 6 weeks

How do you know if you qualify?

To qualify for the program you must meet the following criteria…

  • Be seriously awesome and eager to learn new things
  • Be in your second or third year of your studies
  • Be an international student studying at UNE
  • Be willing to get ahead of the career curve when it comes to your educational counterparts

What do you need to do to apply for the program?

It’s legitimately the easiest thing you will do all day!

See the form below? Well,  get that completed and the team at UNE will contact you regarding your application.

Placements are LIMITED, so don’t leave this to the last minute as you may miss out and we don’t want that! 
So complete the form below to throw your hat in the ring!

Real Case Studies

Adam Stanley, Director at Pitcher Partners (National Accountancy Firm) and Joyce talk about their internship experience and what they both achieved out of the experience…

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Yes – I want to take advantage of this legendary opportunity

After completing the registration form, the team at UNE will confirm your eligibility and provide you with an acceptance email for the program.

Shortly after, the team at InternMatch will contact you to get the program started!

We look forward to working with you soon!