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Powering Employability

Today, over 40% of the world’s youth are either unemployed, or have a job – but live in poverty. And over 73 million of them are university graduates – our best and our brightest. With your help, we can place 1,000 tertiary-educated British graduates into remote internships with companies like yours from around the world.

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A smiling intern sits at her home office in front of her laptop.

Why Internships?

We know that a professional internship provides hands-on experience, builds professional networks and facilitates the first important step into employment. It provides opportunity to those that have been starved of it, but more importantly, builds self-confidence, self-belief and human and financial dignity. We know this because we have been doing this successfully for years in Australia and are now replicating our model around the globe from places such as Africa, and now, Britain.

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Introducing InternMatch

Successfully executing on such a grand vision has only been possible with the application of smart technology. Our cutting-edge software, InternMatch, enables us to facilitate the placement of thousands of interns – simultaneously.

We vet every intern and company that comes into our ecosystem to ensure that every match is compliant and monitored for quality and outcomes. We ensure that everyone inside our platform has a valuable experience – Host and Intern alike.

Be Part Of The Solution

We need enlightened companies to actively become part of the solution by creating workforce opportunities internationally.

We need global thought leaders to join us to ensure that this initiative will unleash the capabilities of our youth, increase the financial health of struggling countries, attract the attention of the world, and secure the future of our global economy.

We need you.

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The People Behind The Program

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University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a top ranking university boasting an outstanding record for graduate employability and is committed to the continued improvement of research, teaching, employability, and student experience. 

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The Mandela Legacy Foundation

Chaired by Zondowa Mandela – grandson of Nelson Mandela, the Mandela Legacy Foundation’s mission is to develop solutions and partnerships that can improve the lives of South Africans.


In response to the unexpected outcome of global remote working, InternMatch is a world-class software that matches youth and host companies – from around the world – into mutually-beneficial remote internships.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

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