30 November 2022

Why you should keep a ‘work journal’

Why you should keep a ‘work journal’

We know journaling, writing things down, keeping track of gratitude, to-do lists and goals is great for us – we’re constantly reminded. But have you ever thought about the reasons why you should do it from a work perspective? 

When you are starting out in a role it’s a mixed bag of emotions. We’re receiving countless pieces of new information, instructions, names, and tasks we need to do — but we don’t often stop to write down or reflect on what we’ve achieved and where we are at. 

A work journal can help with self growth, accountability and be of use when it comes to career advancement. Simply writing down things that you’ve achieved each day, what went well and even what didn’t can be a career game charger. So grab a pen and paper while we tell you all things you should be taking note of. 

To remind yourself of how far you have come

How often do you stop and reflect? How often do you pat yourself on the back for knowing things that you didn’t know back then? We all have moments in our career where we feel imposter syndrome, or unsure if we’re in the right place — being able to look back at the things you’ve achieved can remind yourself of how skilled you are and help to combat moments of doubt.

To keep yourself accountable for your own growth

As important as jotting down what went well, making note of things that didn’t go to plan is just as useful. We can’t grow as a person, if we cannot self-reflect. Writing down things that we would like to improve on, allows us to set goals and strive towards career development. 

For your performance conversations

At most organisations once or twice a year (or maybe even more) you will be required to have a performance review with your manager. This is a time to reflect on your performance throughout the year and set goals for the following. It is often so difficult to remember all the things you have tackled and accomplished over a period of time, so if you have something you can look back on, you’re already one step ahead.

For your resume

When the time comes for you to move on to another role, you will simultaneously need to update your resume. A good resume outlines key responsibilities and achievements including projects, results and accomplishments. Your journal may hold all the prompts you need to complete a fantastic resume.