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InternMatch is a global EdTech company out to revolutionise the internship placement process.

We’re building a global organisation that we want to be recognised for its positive impact on the planet and its people. And we want to do it with energy, enthusiams, curiosity, creativity, dedication and most importantly, humility.

Because helping people is an experience unlike any other. Like good food, good music, good company, it adds a layer of richness to your life that just makes it all worthwhile. We wake up each morning thinking about how to provide unique opportunities that will make people a little bit more experienced, a little bit more informed, and a little bit more desirable to the global market.

We’re a relationships business.

To do this, we have three core values that our people connect with – working for the good of our communities and our planet, creating a culture of respect and trust in the wider world, and providing experiences that make people feel safe, cared for, and listened to. As we harness our direction and speed towards the future, we never lose sight of the bigger picture.

And right now, in partnerships with the Mandela Legacy Foundation we are also launching the Global Employment Challenge – a global initiative designed to create ten-million internships across the world by 2035.

So, we could do with more people who want to make a difference.

Global Employment Challenge

Why InternMatch?

Our values define our differences. We express these values as actions because they are more than words in a strategy for us. These are behaviours that inspire what we do every day.

We embrace change

We look beyond the old ways of doing things to find better ways. Our curiosity for other people, cultures, technology and ways of working lead us to better outcomes.

We are not only open to new ideas – we seek them out, always searching for a better way to better ourselves. We are future-focused. We are agile, ready to adapt and always ready for change.

We build understanding

We are the nexus between education and employment, bringing together the knowledge gained in class, wisdom from the workplace and true global understanding. We believe that by working alongside others, we can build intelligence, grow as leaders, and develop the opportunity to improve ourselves. Working across cultures, we bring our world closer together.

We grow experience

Experience is at the heart of everything we are and everything we do. We believe in the value of experience that internships and mentorship deliver: drawing on the experience of established people and organisations to cultivate the experience of others.

Local and global, online and offline, personal and technical – we nurture experiences of every kind for the benefit of all.

We create impact

We are in the business of shaping futures. Our focus is on creating real and sustainable impact – for individuals, organisations and communities. We work with purpose, driven to make a positive difference across borders and industries, bound by a common gal to lift everyone up.

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We’re always looking for creative and driven individuals to join us we grow and scale globally.

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