A brighter future begins with the right match.

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Our researchers
and analysts match students and graduates with global businesses.

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We match intern skillsets and interests to your business requirements.

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We manage pathways into employment by facilitating real-world work experience for all of your students.

InternMatch works hand-in-hand with Careers Teams and/or individual Schools to ensure that all students have access to complete a real-world placement. We believe there is a placement for everyone. It is our job to find the right match.

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Using machine learning, we match experienced mentors with Students and graduates.

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Digital Jobs

Supporting mid-career Victorians for a new digital career

InternMatch is proud to be the placement program partner for the Digital Jobs program

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Graduate outcomes has never been more important for Educators.

It doesn’t matter if you are an Ivy League University, a vocational college or a MOOC, you will be judged on how many of your students end up in Career-related employment. It is how a student measures their study ROI.

The onset of alternative career paths means that traditional educators must produce employment outcomes for their students. Completing a real-world industry placement is proven to be the most advantageous initiative to increase graduate outcomes.

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We adapt our interships to meet the needs of your schools, faculties and students needs. From individual work placements, to group internships to help build the confidence of students together — our internships can be taken place in the office, remote or hybrid.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about how InternMatch can guarantee all of your students an Industry Placement, get in contact with us.

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Real Stories

Intern story: Tiep, Delaware North
Hear about Tiep’s experience, interning as a Business and Data Analyst with Delaware North; and how an internship experience boosted her confidence.
Intern story: Kriti, GADA Technology
Hear about Kriti’s experience, interning as Full-Stack Developer with GADA Technology; and how an internship experience turned into a full-time role.

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How feedback can help you
Gaining feedback is the best way to track your progress, learn and grow during your placement.
The power of the coffee catch-up
One great way of getting to know someone in a professional setting, is through coffee catch-ups; the professional meeting, with a hint of personal flair.
Placement half-way checklist
Use our guide as a half-way checklist as you carry on through the remainder of your placement.
How to provide a great placement experience
Creating a great work experience is critical to a participant’s success while on their internship placement.
How to conduct a great interview
How do you set candidates up for success and ensure you get the best out of them during the interview process?


What is an internship (also know as a Work Placement or Practicum)?

A work placement is essentially a way to help a student transition from study to work. It is an incredibly powerful way for students and graduates to apply their learning and gain an understanding of what is needed in the working world.

Work Placements allow students and graduates to further develop their skills and provide valuable experience that will assist in gaining meaningful employment in their field of study.

Our Programs allow for your students to complete a compliant work placement either as part of curriculum or in addition to their official studies.

Why should all your students be provided an opportunity to do a Work Placement?

Well there are many answers to this question:
Students are now simply demanding it
And so are their parents
Students measure the Return on Investment (ROI) from their studies based on whether they have accelerated their career objectives.
Work Placements significantly increase your students chances of obtaining career related employment.
According to Monster.com, 85% of companies use internships to recruit for full-time roles. And isn’t that the point?
The Education Provider Rankings are being weighed far more towards graduate outcomes then ever before.
Employers recruit on skills and not on developed theory.
And skills re best developed int he actual workplace.
If you are not guaranteeing a work placement for your students, those students will semply go to an instituuon that does.
So by gurantiing work placements for your students, which will lead to better graduate outcomes, will result in your recruiting more students.

What type of internships do you offer?

We adapt our Work Placements to meet the needs of individuals Schools, Faculties and Universities.

Having said that, we find the most popular models are:
10-12 week individual Internship which is usually 20 hours per week part-time (can also be full time)
10-12 week group internship in a group that is usually between 10-20 hours per week.

The individual Work Placements are generally undertaken by the students and graduates who are ready to be inserted into a business and can begin to operate independently and contribute to a team relatively quickly.

For the students that don’t quite yet have the confidence to undertake a solo internship, they usuall select to undertake the Group Internship pathway. The Group Internships are still with real businesses working on real business projects although come with the support of a professional mentor.

In a post COVID world, Work Placements can either be on premises in the companies office, fully remote or a hybrid and a mix of in the office and working remotely. We now find that students embrace having this flexibility.

How does an ‘individual work placement’ work?

Individual students are matched with an opportunity that meets their educational or personal desired learning outcomes. We place them directly into an organisation with a specified supervisor that supports them towards completing the components as previously set out in the Internship Training Agreement.

How does a ‘group internship’ work?

A group of students working on a project for a host company under the guidance of a professional mentor provided by InternMatch.
The benefits of a group internship are that we provide a supportive and safe environment for interns for whom it is their first professional experience and may be less confident than students who are ready to spread their wings on an individual work placement.

How do internships work?

Firstly, we co-design the internship programs with the Education Provider or individual Schools / Faculties.

We will guarantee a placement for everyone and so you choose how many students can sign up to our program for each cohort.

We meet with every single student to understand their needs, capability and importantly aspirations.

Based on the agreed programs with you, we work with each student to select the best work placement program for them. This could range from undertaking a remote internship with an international company to completing a Group Internship with a local company.

Internships work best when the candidate and the company are carefully matched.

Do you provide pre-placement training to our students?

Yes, over many years, we have created a world leading Work Readiness Training Program that we provide to all students leading into their placement. The training covers topics such as:
Professional Communication
Setting up digital workspaces
Tools for communication
Personal Branding
Interview Success
Applications for Productivity
Learning to Learn
Accessing the Hidden Job Market
Leveraging LinkedIn
Professional Networking
Project Management
Contemporary Business Software

Does InternMatch guarantee a Work Placement for all students?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being able to place every student/graduate who wants to undertake a work placement with us, with a placement that is chosen by the Student. We don’t force students into placements. We give them choice and let them choose.