Our researchers and analysts match students and graduates with global businesses. 

Global Employment Challenge

Connecting international companies, like yours, with Africa’s highly motivated, tertiary-educated youth, unlocking a vast talent pool ready to contribute to the global workforce.

Work Readiness Program

Our Work Readiness Program equips you for the real-world work environment, enhancing the employability of students and graduates.


Gain hands-on career experience in a real business environment, learning industry-specific, technical, and soft skills that set you apart in the job market.

A brighter future begins with the right match.

We pride ourselves on outcomes.

Our business used to be called Outcome.Life because we think that’s the point of being in business – to produce an outcome. We changed our name to InternMatch in 2020 when education providers around the world asked us to help them improve graduate employability outcomes. So, here we are. InternMatch.

Benefits of Internships

Gain real-world industry experience.

When hiring for roles, managers are looking for relevant workplace experience. Internships provide you the opportunity to gain that experience and real-world exposure,

Build your foundational skills.

Hands-on experience helps to build your foundational skills — the key basic competencies that are fundamental to your participation in any workforce.

Learn workplace culture.

Workplace culture can differ from industry to industry. Understanding how to embrace and weave into the fabric of the business world will ensure you thrive professionally and personally.

Add value to your resume and LinkedIn.

When applying for roles, it’s important to have a professionally presented resume and LinkedIn profile, filled with evidence of your experience and education.

Build your professional network.

Your network is one of the most (if not the most) an important asset to your career. Meeting people and building your network early on can be the golden ticket to landing a full-time role.

Gain employability skills, insights and network.
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