How to provide a great first day orientation

Starting a role in a new organisation can be daunting, even for the most experienced employee. A simple and clear orientation and onboarding process can make all the difference when it comes to a participant feeling welcomed and part of a company from the get-go.

There are a few things you and your team can do to empower your new starters, like providing them with the right information and arming them with the right tools. Here are some things you might like to consider.

Before the first day even begins

Before your participant has even commenced on day one, send off an email to them with information about what they can expect, and what the company’s expectations are for them on their first day. Include information on:

    • What time to start or arrive at the office?
    • Where is your office located and how do they access the building?
    • Is there a dress code they need to adhere to?
    • Is there a specific team member or supervisor they should ask for on arrival?
    • Is there anything they need to prepare or bring along with them?

The right tech

For most of us, technology, particularly our laptop, is key to being able to do our job. It’s important that you clarify with your participant if your company is providing a laptop or desktop for their use during the placement. If your participant is working remotely, how exactly will they be sent their technology?

Ensure they have access to the right login information, software and links so that they can get cracking as soon as their day begins.

Office tour

First things first when your participant arrives, make them feel comfortable and at home by giving them an office tour so that they can get their bearings. Show them the essentials:

  • Where the bathrooms are
  • Where reception is
  • Where they and their team will sit
  • Where you or their supervisor will sit
  • Lunch, tea rooms and breakout areas

It’s also important that you show them where file-exists, and emergency gathering areas are and make them aware of OH&S-specific details.