Internship first-day checklist

We understand that starting a role in a new organisation can be daunting, no matter how much prior experience you have. We want to help you start your placement off on the right foot, feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to learn and contribute.

There are a few things you can do to help set yourself up for success, by arming yourself with the right information and tools, you will feel right at home with your placement host company. Here are some things you might like to consider in a workplace orientation.

Before the first day even begins

Before your work placement commences on day one, ensure you have confirmed the following information with your host company supervisor:

  • Is your first day in the office or remote?
  • What time to start or arrive at the office?
  • Where is the office located and how do you access the building/floor?
  • Is there a dress code you need to adhere to?
  • Is there a specific team member or supervisor you should ask for on arrival?
  • Is there anything you need to prepare or bring along with you?

Office tour

When you arrive at the office, your host company supervisor should offer you an office tour to help you get your bearings. If they don’t that is okay, simply ask them for a short tour to help you feel comfortable with the space. Ask them to show you where the essentials are located:

  • Where the bathrooms are
  • Where reception is
  • Where you and your team will sit
  • Where they or your supervisor will sit
  • Lunch, tea rooms and breakout areas

It’s also important that they show where fire exists, and emergency gathering areas are located and bring your awareness to OH&S-specific details.

Be ready to introduce yourself

It is likely that your host company supervisor will introduce you to many new faces in your first week (and throughout the time of your placement). Be ready to introduce yourself confidently, showing enthusiasm for your placement opportunity, and interest in the company and the people you are meeting.

You should show a keen interest in how you will work with these new people and how your contribution can assist them.