Placement half-way checklist

Congratulations, you are halfway through your placement. By now you will have undertaken various tasks for your host company, met new team members and learnt how to apply many of the skills you have learnt during your training.

This mid-way point provides a great opportunity to pause, reflect and plan for the remainder of your journey. Are you having regular feedback sessions with your supervisor? Have you checked in on your tasks and projects to ensure your output is of value? Is there anything you’d like to tackle during the remainder of your internship?

Use our guide as a halfway checklist as you carry on through the remainder of your internship placement.

Set goals for the placement

What were the most important factors about the placement and program discussed by you and your supervisor? Did you set any specific goals to achieve throughout the program, or tasks to complete? Now is a great time to check in on those goals and track your progress. If you didn’t set up any goals at the beginning of the program, take this opportunity to discuss them with your supervisor and set some KPIs for the remainder of the journey.

Skills check-in

How have your skills been enhanced over the course of the journey? Have they improved in areas of your expertise? Be proud of how far you’ve come over this journey and identify key areas you would like to continue to improve on,  and skills you would still like to learn. This is a great opportunity to show your supervisor that you are ready to tackle more and that you want to gain the most out of the opportunity.

Networking within the company

Being a part of your company during your placement isn’t just a great opportunity to hone your newfound skills and expertise, it is also a fantastic opportunity to understand what it’s like to be a part of a company, meet new people and use your networking skills. Have you had a chance to network with other people across various teams within your company? Perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and set up meet and greet or catch-ups internally. Go along to social functions, ask colleagues for coffee catch-ups and spend more time working from the communal areas.